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Opening of an exhibition at ART 10 GALLERY.


ART 10 GALLERY is an art place located in the Acropolis area, just a few meters away from the pedestrian walkway of Dionysius Areopagite, at 39 Parthenonos street. Since 2008, it works with both new and established visual artists, painters, sculptors, and ceramists and promotes their work through solo and group exhibitions as well as a permanent display on its premises.


The activities of the gallery include periodic workshops on painting and ceramic art, for children and adults, as well as performances, storytelling, book reviews, and whatever can inspire artistic creation.


Under the label things, one may find our exclusive collection of handmade decorative and utilitarian objects, which are manufactured or selected by ART 10 GALLERY and form a unique collection of original arts and crafts.


ART 10 GALLERY is open and accessible to every artist, without discrimination, on the sole basis of the love for art and talent, as sources of inspiration and creativity.


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